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C4K Application Process

How can my community get involved?

The Communities for Kids initiative is based on the fundamental idea that thriving communities are greater than their current challenges. By mobilizing and coming together around a current issue, analyzing data, and understanding the community’s needs, a community action plan can steer the core leadership group to the right-sized solution. If your community is interested in Communities for Kids, you can contact Marti Beard at to express your interest.  Marti or one of the Assistant Vice Presidents for Early Childhood will contact you to set up a call to learn more about your community's needs around early childhood care.  After a conversation, an application will be sent and your community will have the opportunity to complete an application and return to Nebraska Children at

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and considered based on the following factors:

  • Community readiness factors
  • Leadership, passion, an active early childhood group/programming/steering committee
  • Commitment to a long-term project
  • Local infrastructure/funding possibilities in place
  • Articulated need
  • Gathering of initial data
  • Core Team development and commitment
  • Needs of the community (e.g., poverty, early childhood capacity/need, school test scores)
  • Local economic factors
  • History of community work/achievement of past goals

Due to generous funding from philanthropic partners, Nebraska Children does not require payment to participate in the Communities for Kids initiative. Funding is available to assist communities in activities and events that support the planning process to increase quality and capacity of early childhood care and education. No implementation funding is guaranteed as a result of participation in the initiative. A budget template will be provided to select communities to plan for costs associated with meetings, travel, convenings, community events, surveys, and incentives.