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Childcare Business Resources

Boost Your Competitive Edge: Actions for a Healthy Productive Workforce

CDC - Boost Your Competitive Edge


Blueprint for Success

Description: Manual for planning a high quality early childhood program.

Find the Manual Here


College of Business Administration Business Development Center

Description: They offer excellent help in developing business plans and financing strategies, including applications for low/no-interest loans and grants for certain qualifying businesses. They also help with market analyses, commercial, professional, and environmental regulatory compliance, etc. They should be a resource that any child care center reaches out to for free advice and business help.

Primary Contact:
Administrative Office, 200 Mammel Hall 67th and Pine Streets, Omaha, NE 68182

Phone: 402.554.2521


Nebraska Business Development Center Website


Cost of Quality Calculator and Messaging Toolkit

Description: Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) has developed the Cost of Preschool Quality & Revenue (CPQ&R) calculator, a free Excel-based tool, to help users determine costs and funding sources related to implementing high-quality preschool programs.

CELLO Cost of Preschool Quality and Revenue Calculator


DHHS Market Rate Survey

Description: The MRS is a federal requirement of the Child Care and Development Block Grant, as well as being a part of Nebraska's State Statute. The MRS collects data every two years from licensed child care providers statewide. Child care subsidy rates are set in accordance to results of the survey and in combination with provider type (Family Child Care Home I/II, Child Care Center) and their geological location (Urban or Rural) and accreditation. Accredited providers will receive rates at the 75th percentile or the urban rate for their provider type. 

2017 Child Care Market Rate Survey



DHHS Subsidy Contract

Description: The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services contracts with licensed child care centers and family child care homes to provide care to families receiving child care subsidy. This subsidy pays for or assists in payment for the cost of care. Providers establish a contract with DHHS and then are able to bill for children served through the contract. Rates are based on a biannual statewide market rate survey. 

Primary Contact: Nicole Vint


Child Care Subsidy Information for Parents website



Nebraska Advantage Act

Description: Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentive package for expanding or relocating businesses.

Nebraska Advantage Package website



Nebraska Child and Adult Food program Reimbursement Rates

NDE Reimbursement Rates


Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative

Description: The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC) was established in 2014 as a strategic initiative of the Buffett Early Childhood Fund. NECC is a consortium of leading early childhood organizations, and we operate within a lean but robust shared services organizational structure that facilitates knowledge sharing and cost reduction. The Collaborative’s early childhood organizational partners include Educare Omaha, Educare Lincoln, and Omaha Early Learning Centers.

Primary Contact: Shannon Cotsoradis


Phone: 402-301-3025

Qualification/Services: Exchange for materials, access to templates and samples of P&P, handbooks, forms, and HR and financial oversight

Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative website


Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange

Description: NECC extends its reach into the broader child care community through the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange, a resource website built specifically for Nebraska’s child care providers. The Exchange helps to promote best practices, offer cost savings, and supply providers with countless administrative and classroom resources.

Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange website



Step Up To Quality

Description: Step Up to Quality Child Care (SUTQ) has five levels, with licensing as the first, and a hybrid rating structure. Tiered reimbursement will be available at steps three through five; incentive bonuses are provided at steps two through five.


Primary Contact: Nebraska Department of Education (NDE)

Step Up to Quality website

SUTQ Technical Assistance email: 

SUTQ link to YouTube how to set up an account:



Tax Credit for Startup Businesses

Description: Components Incorporated into the Nebraska Advantage Package

Nebraska Advantage website