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Early Childhood Providers/Facility Resources

Bipartisan Policy Center

Description: The policy framework recognizes that the quality of the physical buildings and spaces where children learn, play, and grow are a fundamental part of their development and learning.

BPC Releases Policy Framework on Early Childhood Facilities


Blueprint for Success

Description: Planning guide for a high-quality early childhood program

Blueprint For Success


Buffet Early Childhood Institute

Description: We bring together those who are working to improve early childhood education and development. We serve as a catalyst for change and provide a unified vision and a common approach for how we can work together to improve children’s learning and development.

We partner with schools, communities, policymakers, and others to share—and apply—the best of what is known about early childhood development. We serve as a bridge to resources and information for parents, providers, and the public. We communicate what we know to improve the lives of vulnerable young children and their families. 

Buffet Early Childhood Institute's Website


DHHS Child Care Resources

DHHS Child Care Resources Website


DHHS Licensure

Description: The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services requires that child care centers and family child care homes be licensed and meet specific requirements. Licensing Specialists are located throughout the state and provide oversight and monitoring of licensed programs.

DHHS Public Health Website


DHHS Market Rate Survey

Description: The MRS is a federal requirement of the Child Care and Development Block Grant, as well as being a part of Nebraska's State Statute. The MRS collects data every two years from licensed child care providers statewide. Child care subsidy rates are set in accordance to results of the survey and in combination with provider type (Family Child Care Home I/II, Child Care Center) and their geological location (Urban or Rural) and accreditation. Accredited providers will receive rates at the 75th percentile or the urban rate for their provider type. 

Child Care Market Rate Survey Website


DHHS Subsidy Contract

Description: The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services contracts with licensed child care centers and family child care homes to provide care to families receiving child care subsidy. This subsidy pays for or assists in payment for the cost of care. Providers establish a contract with DHHS and then are able to bill for children served through the contract. Rates are based on a biannual statewide market rate survey. 

Primary Contact: Nicole Vint


Child Care Subsidy Information for Parents Website



Primary Contact: Jalen Richman


Qualification/Services: Materials/resources/connection to NAEYC, ITERS, ECERS, Classroom layout

Lakeshore Website


Nebraska Advantage Act

Description: Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentive package for expanding or relocating businesses.

Nebraska Advantage Package Website


Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC)

Description: NBDC helps strengthen Nebraska businesses for a healthy economy and prosperous communities. Certified consultants provide confidential, impartial services, and educational opportunities for established and start-up businesses researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. 

NBDC Website


Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative

Description: The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC) was established in 2014 as a strategic initiative of the Buffett Early Childhood Fund. NECC is a consortium of leading early childhood organizations, and we operate within a lean but robust shared services organizational structure that facilitates knowledge sharing and cost reduction. The Collaborative’s early childhood organizational partners include Educare Omaha, Educare Lincoln, and Omaha Early Learning Centers.

Primary Contact: Sarah Ann Kotchian


Phone: 531-999-3907

Qualification/Services: Exchange for materials, access to templates and samples of P&P, handbooks, forms, and HR and financial oversight

Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative Website


Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange

Description: Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative extends its reach into the broader child care community through the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange, a resource website built specifically for Nebraska’s child care providers. The Exchange helps to promote best practices, offer cost savings, and supply providers with countless administrative and classroom resources.

Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange Website


Nebraska TEACH

Description: T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® NEBRASKA provides scholarships to help early care and education professionals complete coursework at a local college and work toward a degree in Early Childhood Education. Scholarships are available for both Associates and Bachelors Degrees.

Nebraska TEACH Website


Rule 11 Rules for Architectural Design

Description: Elements of Architectural Design for Early Childhood Programs

Link to Requirements


Step Up To Quality

Description: Step Up to Quality Child Care (SUTQ) has five levels, with licensing as the first, and a hybrid rating structure. Tiered reimbursement will be available at steps three through five; incentive bonuses are provided at steps two through five.

Primary Contact: Nebraska Department of Education (NDE)

Step Up to Quality Website


Nebraska Extension, Early Childhood Team

Description: The University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Nebraska Extension is an automatically approved entity by the Nebraska Department of Education of Early Childhood. Training provided by members of early childhood team [online or onsite] are automatically accepted trainings toward your annual licensing in-service hours. Additional opportunities included participating in early childhood research, coaching, and CDA© credentialing.

Nebraska Extension’s Early Childhood Website – and Email