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Funding Sources and Grants

Developing Youth Talent Initiative

Description: The Developing Youth Talent Initiative (DYTI) creates collaboration between Nebraska businesses and public schools.

Developing Youth Talent Initiative website



Description: The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services offers grant opportunities for startup or expansion. These grants are awarded on an ongoing basis to child care centers and family child care. 

Phone: 402-471-3531

Qualifiations/Services: Enhancement or start up $5k- 10k 

DHHS Family Services website


Intern Nebraska Program

Description: The Intern Nebraska Grant Program (InternNE) provides financial assistance to businesses who create new internships in Nebraska.

Intern Nebraska website


Listing of Potential Grant Sources

Description: National grants and funding opportunities

America's Promise Alliance website


Nebraska Advantage Act

Description: Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentive package for expanding or relocating businesses.

Nebraska Advantage Package website


Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED)

Description: The DED has several resources listed below. Please contact your regional DED Field Service Business Development Consultant for assistance.

Link to the Regional Map


Description: Community development block grant: OED receives federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on an annual basis. Non-entitlement communities can apply to use those funds for non-profit child care centers that benefit low and moderate-income (LMI) persons under the Public Works category of the program. Communities can access up to $400,000 maximum with a 25% match requirement.

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Description: Civic and community center financing fund (CCCFF): The Civic and Community Center Financing Fund (CCCFF) grants are administered by OED and awarded to municipalities to encourage and foster quality of life in our communities. CCCFF grants are awarded on a competitive basis to eligible communities for non-profit community facilities including child care centers.

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Description: Community development assistance act (CDAA) This program provides tax credits to entities that support approved community betterment projects. OED distributes a 40% state tax credit to businesses, corporations, insurance firms, financial institutions, and individuals that make eligible cash contributions, or donate services and materials, to approved community betterment projects.

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Description: Nebraska advantage micro-enterprise tax credits The Nebraska Department of Revenue administers the tax incentive programs for the state. A qualifying for profit applicant may earn credits equal to 20% of the increase in new investment or new employment at the micro business in the year of application and the year after application

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Nebraska Department of Education reVISION

Description: reVISION is a year-long process that provides Nebraska schools with the opportunity to analyze and transform their current career education systems in order to improve their ability to educate a qualified workforce that meets industry needs within an ever-changing economy. 

NDE Career Education website


Outdoor Classrooms/Green Space

Nebraska Forest Service website


Potential Community Grant Resources

DED Resources website


Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program

USDA grant - rural communities

Description: small communities with high poverty rate

USDA Rural Development website


Description: REDLG provides funding for rural projects through local utility organizations. USDA provides zero-interest loans to local utilities which they, in turn, pass through to local businesses (ultimate recipients) for projects that will create and retain employment in rural areas. The ultimate recipients repay the lending utility directly. The utility is responsible for repayment to USDA.

Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program