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On November 13, 2023, high school students broke ground on a project that Superintendent Regan called “a historic moment for Gering Schools.” On the campus of Northfield Elementary , Gering High School trade students launched the build of a new 5,000-square-foot facility that will house 4 preschool classrooms.

The Valley Child Development Center opened in the farming community of Red Cloud in 2018. The Center quickly found a niche when a board member’s niece, Bri and her husband Bruce, who lived in California, learned of the Edible Schoolyard, a program developed by food activist and chef Alice Waters to offer “students experiential learning opportunities that deepen their relationship with food, facilitate learning the skills of cooking and gardening” (

“Women tend to laugh more and live longer than men,” says the woman on the stage. She’s gray-haired, bespectacled. She looks like a grandmother or a principal, and indeed she was an educator in the past. She moves away from